The Bunk House


There are 5 wooden cabins, which provide self catering accommodation for up to 36 people. The site is all electric, and all buildings are electrically heated. All beds have quality vapour proof mattresses and waterproof covers. Visitors are required to provide all blankets, sleeping bags , pillows etc.

The Bunkhouse

Comprises of 2 dormitories, each sleeping 14 in 7 pairs of bunk beds, and one room with 2 single beds.

The Jubilee Cabin

This is for leaders, and comprises 2 bedrooms, each with 2 single beds, an office area, a store room and a toilet/washroom.

The Ranch House

has an entrance lobby to be used for drying outer clothes and wellies. The dining area 35' x 16' has trestle tables which can be moved to open up the room. A stainless steel kitchen with a commercial style cooking range, microwave 4 sinks, refrigerator and deep freeze. Crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils are provided for 36 people.

The Games Hut

50' x 15' games room, linked to the Ranch House with protected windows and carpeted floor to give shelter and activity base in poor weather.

The log cabin

Donated by the Patrick's of Patrick Motors. This building gives an alternative area for activities away from the Ranch House. It has one large single room and a covered verandah overlooking the central grassed play area and other buildings. Directly accessed from the car park the accommodation makes a suitable classroom environment. Displays about the woodlands and conservation adorn the walls.

Toilet Facilities

Brick built with two separate wash rooms, both with hot and cold water, several wash basins, two showers and two lavatories, one of which in each room is suitable for handicapped visitors.


The shed adjacent to the Ranch House has been converted into a Laundry with washing machine and toilet.

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